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Security and Privacy Research

We have a broad agenda for the security and privacy research efforts at MSR Redmond. Our mission is to advance the state of the art in fundamental ways, to identify and solve pressing real-world problems, and to impact the computing industry as well as Microsoft products. (This page is under construction.)

People and projects

Interests: web, browser, mobile, OS security and privacy

Projects: ServiceOS

Interests: web security, browser mechanisms, programming languages, static and runtime analysis, malware detection, privacy

Projects:  Malware detection, JavaScript static analysis, browser and mobile privacy

Interests: authentication, , usable security, economics of information security, fraud and abuse


Interests: network and system security, applied cryptography, usable security, and data privacy; OS design, distributed systems, and mobile computing

Projects: Memoir, ServiceOS 

Interests: software security, cryptography, and electronic privacy

Projects: BEK, SAGE, KOP

Interests: OS architectures that enable better isolation of applications and security by design

Projects: Drawbridge

Interests: web, browser, mobile, OS, network security and privacy

Projects: ServiceOS, Shield, PeerPressure

Interests: Improving consumer privacy through information flow transparency and usable access control; Building privacy-aware rich sensing systems

Projects: HomeOS, AppFence, TaintDroid

Interests: Distributed systems, trusted computing, privacy, energy management

Projects: TrInc, Memoir, Privacy-Preserving Personalized Services

Interests: machine learning, computer security, malware classification, malicious webpage detection

Projects: ARROW, WebCop

Interests: web, browser, systems security and privacy

Projects: vulnerability study

Interests: Identifying flaws in security assumptions made about user behavior.  Building more secure and usable systems for (1) users to authenticate their identities to systems; (2) users to authenticate the identity/trustworthiness  of systems they interact with; (3) users to authorize others to access their data--a.k.a. sharing; (4) users to manage applications' access to their systems and data.

Projects: See my publications.

Interests: privacy and security of sensing

Projects: PACS, SECOA

Interests: system and software security

Projects: KOPautomatic protocol reverse engineering, Shield, Spectator

Interests: formal methods, access control

Projects: DKAL

Security and Privacy at Microsoft


We are always looking for exceptional researchers, post-docs, and interns. Please contact any of us for details. This page gives glimpses of MSR experience and links to application pages. Helen Wang leads the recruiting for security and privacy research at Redmond.

Page contact: Helen Wang