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Job Opportunities @ Search Labs

We are looking for talented scientists and engineers to invent and improve the technology that powers search and affect the overall user search experience. We are interested in people skilled on a variety of areas including but not limited to relevance, ranking, web data mining, information management, distributed systems, commerce, information retrieval and machine learning.

As a member of our group you are expected to initiate and execute research projects, build prototypes that can be deployed into real-world applications, and be able to collaborate with both product groups and researchers. We expect our group members to publish their research for peer review and be an active member of the academic community. We feel that publications and patents are the byproducts of great innovative work, and we value product impact immensely in our measure for success. After all, our motto is invent, build, deploy.

If you are interested in a full time position, a visiting researcher position, or an internship, please apply through Microsoft Research job applications or send us your resume at: