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RiSE @ Professional Developer Conference 2010

Discover 16 projects from the Research in Software Engineering group during PDC'10! For two days, the Researchers from RiSE will be showcasing their projects in the corridors of Microsoft Conference Center @ Redmond. Share with us our love for Software!

  • Moles
    How to test legacy code in isolation?
  • Pex
    What will my code do?
  • Pex For Fun
    Are you up for a coding duel?
  • Programming in Stages
    I write pseudo-code and fill in more details later, can I feed that to a compiler?
  • Poirot
    Hate testing concurrent programs?
  • Revisions
    How to parallelize conflicting tasks?
  • Static Semantic Diff
    Can I diff program behaviors?
  • Spur
    Would you like your .NET and JavaScipt code to run faster?
  • VCC
    Does this C program always work?

October 28 + 29, 2010,
@ Redmond

coordinates Microsoft's Research in Software Engineering in Redmond, USA. RiSE provides innovative tools for Automated Program Analysis, new Languages and Runtimes, as well as Automatic Theorem Provers.

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