Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC)

The Quantum Architectures and Computation group is a team of leading quantum computer scientists and engineers dedicated to developing real-world quantum algorithms, understanding their implications, and designing a comprehensive software architecture for programming such algorithms on a scalable, fault-tolerant, quantum computer. Our mission is to advance our understanding of quantum computing and its applications and implementation.





We're looking for exceptional people!  The QuArC group is looking for exceptional candidates for post-doc positions.  We're also looking for talented graduate students for 12-week internships. Interested candidates should send their CV to ksvore AT microsoft DOT com. 

Application deadline for Spring/Summer 2014: Feb. 7, 2014.  Applications now closed.

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Current Interns:

  • Jon Welch (Harvard)
  • Ryan Babbush (Harvard)
  • Tomas Jochym O'Connor (U. Waterloo)
  • Alex Parent (U. Waterloo)
  • Raghu Mahajan (Stanford)

Past Interns: