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PPT news::POPL success!

The list of accepted papers for next year's POPL has just been announced, and we're delighted that 11 (out of a total of 51) papers with MSR authors have been accepted! The papers are:

  1. Minimization of Symbolic Automata.
    L. D'Antoni, M. Veanes
  2. Tabular: A Schema-Driven Probabilistic Programming Language.
    A. Gordon, T. Graepel, N. Rolland, C. Russo, J. Borgström, J. Guiver
  3. Bias-Variance Tradeoffs in Program Analysis.
    A. Aiken, A. Nori, R. Sharma
  4. Abstract Effects and Proof-Relevant Logical Relations.
    N. Benton, M. Hofmann, V. Nigam
  5. Closed type families with overlapping equations.
    R. Eisenberg, D. Vytiniotis, S. Peyton Jones, S. Weirich
  6. Probabilistic Relational Verification for Cryptographic Implementations.
    G. Barthe, C. Fournet, B. Grégoire, P. Strub, N. Swamy, S. Zanella-Béguelin
  7. Gradual Typing Embedded Securely in JavaScript.
    K. Bhargavan, G. Bierman, J. Chen, C. Fournet, A. Rastogi, P. Strub, N. Swamy
  8. Backpack: Retrofitting Haskell with Interfaces.
    S. Kilpatrick, D. Dreyer, S. Peyton Jones, S. Marlow
  9. A Constraint-Based Approach to Solving Games on Infinite Graphs.
    T. Beyene, S. Chaudhuri, C. Popeea, A. Rybalchenko
  10. Tracing Compilation by Abstract Interpretation.
    S. Dissegna, F. Logozzo, F. Ranzato
  11. Modular, Higher-Order Cardinality Analysis in Theory and Practice.
    I. Sergey, D. Vytiniotis, S. Peyton Jones

October 10, 2013