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Online Services and Advertising: News
  • BBC World Service radio progam: Rory Cellan-Jones reviews the future of the internet, and Thore Graepel is interviewed between minutes 18:30 to 20:30.
  • Q&A: Microsoft Research Cambridge. 360 Magazine, Issue 33, February 2008.
  • Major Nelson Podcast. Interview with Larry Hryb on True Skill and the Silicon Minds Contest, December 2007.
  • Microsoft Innovation Day in Brussels, CNET, December 2007.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Latvian TV LTV7, December 2007.
  • Communications via Computer Games, Latvian TV, November 2007.
  • The World is Graph, Digital Times (Latvian Newspaper), November 2007.
  • Not Boring Math, Digital Times (Latvian Newspaper), November 2007.
  • Karriere bei den Champions, Manager Magazin, May 2007. (in German)
  • Applied Games Group at Microsoft Research, Partner-TV MDN, March 2007.
  • `To Microsoft, we're a source of smart people', The Guardian, 2006.
  • Microsoft Research's Next Generation of Leaders, Microsoft Research News & Highlights, 2006.