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Networks, Economics and Algorithms
Networks, Economics and Algorithms

We perform research into the exciting areas that lie at the intersection of Computer Science, Economics and Mathematics. Our interdisciplinary team brings deep expertise in both the theoretical and applied aspects of the field. We study and design algorithms and protocols in the broad area of systems and services. We consider networked systems in the broadest sense, including both transport and social networks.


Research Areas



We research how to design and evaluate performance of networked systems, including computer and communication networks as well as social networks. Examples include network resource allocation problems, rate adaptations in wired and wireless networks, and social networks arising in online services such as email or online games.



We consider interesting research problems that arise at the intersection of computer science and economics. This includes design and theory of auctions and considering strategic user behavior in the context of electronic commerce. We use methods from mechanism design, algorithmic game theory, and mining of large scale data.



We work on algorithm design in the broad area of systems and services, including cloud computing and data intensive computations. Our focus is on challenging problems in basic computer science that are of much importance in practice. We use methods from theoretical computer science, applied probability and optimizations.


Visiting Researchers

    • David Parkes (2012);  Professor of Computer Science; School of Engineering and Applied Science,  Harvard University, USA
    • Michael Kearns  (2011, with MLP); Professor of Computer and Information Science University of Pennsylvania, USA
    • Sanjeev Goyal (2010-2011); Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK
    • Richard Steinberg (2010-2011); Chair in Operations Research at London School of Economics, UK
    • Moez Draief (2011); Lecturer, Inteligent Systems and Networks, Imperial College London, UK
    • Don Towsley (2004, 2009); Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, USA
    • Peter Marbach (2007); Faculty member, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada


    • Alexandre Proutiere, Researcher (2007-2011); now a faculty member of Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KTH, Sweden
    • Laurent Massoulié, Senior Researcher (1999-2006); now a researcher at Inria and Director of the Microsoft Research-Inria Joint Centre, Paris, France
    • Ayalvadi Ganesh, Researcher (1999-2006); now a faculty member of Dept. Mathematics, Bristol University, Bristol, UK



Recent Events

Workshop on Games, Networks and Markets, June 2013 Cambridge


We are looking for both senior and fresh PhDs. If you are interested and would like to apply for a Researcher position please apply via our central site.

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