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Mobility, Networks, and Systems

The Mobility, Networks, and Systems (MNS) group at Microsoft Research India is actively seeking interns, both during summer 2013 and during other times in the year. The MNS group conducts research broadly in networked and mobile systems, with an emphasis on experimental work. Our interests span several areas, including Internet-scale systems, distributed systems, network protocols, wireless networking, mobile computing, and sensor systems. Our current projects are in advertising systems, physical analytics, mobile crowdsourcing, and whitespace networking. Our past work, much of it done with our interns, has been published at leading conferences such as Sigcomm, NSDI, Sigmetrics, Mobicom, MobiSys, SenSys, Usenix Security, and Usenix ATC.

MSR India is located in central Bangalore, which is the hi-tech capital of India and arguably the most happening city in the country. In addition to having a staff of over 50 researchers and engineers spanning several areas, the lab hosts a large number of interns and visitors through the year, from the IITs and other Indian universities as well as from the leading universities in other countries. As such, the lab provides a diverse and vibrant intellectual environment, which has received uniform praise from our interns in the years past.

If you are looking for an internship and your interests and expertise are aligned towards experimental research in networked systems, we would like to hear from you! We welcome applicants regardless of nationality. For more information about the group and on how to apply, please visit

Interns: Past and Present



Deepanker Aggarwal (IIIT Delhi)
Apurv Bhartia (UT Austin)
Joseph Gardiner (U Birmingham)
Rabi Guha (IIT Kanpur)
Aakash Goenka (IIT Kharagpur)
Karthik Kannan (IIT Madras)
Swati Rallapalli (UT Austin)
John Rula (Northwestern)
Bhanu Vattikonda (UC San Diego)



Istemi Ekin Akkus (MPI)
Vignesh Avadhani (IIT Kharagpur)
Ananth Balashankar (IIT Kharagpur)
Vacha Dave (UT Austin)
Varun Gandhi (IIIT Delhi)
Aakash Goenka (IIT Kharagpur)
Mahanth Gowda (Duke)
John Rula (Northwestern)
Srikar Tati (Penn State)
Bimal Viswanath (MPI)
Richard Wang (CMU)



Dushyant Arora (BITS Pilani)
Eugenio Magistretti (Rice)
Abhigyan (UMass)
Sahil Suneja (U Toronto)
Srinivas Yerramali (USC)
Rijurekha Sen (IIT Mumbai)
Kuldeep Yadav (IIIT Delhi)
Vacha Dave (UT Austin)
Adhiraj Alai (IIT Chennai)
Rajkishan Gunasekaran (IIT Chennai)
Naman Agarwal (IIT Mumbai)
Sumeet Ungratwar (IIT GuwahatI)
Ravi Bhoraskar (IIT Mumbai)
Archit Gupta (IIT Delhi)
Sambhav Jain (IIT Kanpur)
Namratha Reddy (IIT Hyderabad)


Anirudh Sivaraman (IIT Chennai)
Ankush Jain (IIT Mumbai)
Ashok Anand (Wisconsin)
Horia Vlad Balan (USC)
Hrushikesh Mehendale (Georgia Tech)
Immanual Thomas (IIT Chennai)
Kaushik Lakshminarayanan (CMU)
Kirtika Ruchandani (IIT Chennai)
Krishna Puttaswamy (UCSB)
Lorenzo De Carli (Wisconsin)
Michael Buettner (Washington)
Pralhad Deshpande (Stony Brook U)
Shuo Deng (MIT)
Vacha Dave (UT Austin)


Pralav Dessai (BITS Goa Campus)
Swati Gupta (IIT Delhi)
Anand Padmanabha Iyer (UT Austin)
Azeem Khan (IIT Mumbai)
Vijay Kumar (BITS Goa Campus)
Pradeep Padala (U Michigan Ann Arbor)
Eric Rozner (UT Austin)
Aaron Schulman (UMD College Park)
Anirudh Sivaraman (IIT Chennai)


Ashok Anand (Wisconsin)
Athula B. (IIT Chennai)
Siddharth Eswaran (IIT Delhi)
Zahir Koradia (IIT Mumbai)
Chitra Muthukrishnan (Anna University)
Krishna Puttaswamy (UCSB)
Shravan Rayanchu (Wisconsin)
Joshua Reich (Columbia)
Ashish Sharma (UCSB)
Jay Taneja (Berkeley)


Bhavish Aggarwal (IIT Mumbai)
Piyush Agrawal (IIT Kanpur)
Manveer Chawla (IIT Mumbai)
Nilesh Mishra (IIT Kanpur)
Ramya Bharathi Nimmagadda (BITS Pilani)
Sumit Rangwala (USC)
Abhishek Sharma (USC)
R. Srikrishna (BITS Pilani)
Pei Zhang (Princeton)

Rohan Murthy (Cornell)
Anmol Sheth (Univ. of Colorado Boulder)

 "My time at MSR has been extremely rewarding; I was given challenging problems that have a real-world impact, allowed to define my own direction, with a whole bunch of smart people to bounce ideas off. Research was so much fun, I (have) never wanted to leave. The ideal research environment."

Vache Dave, UTAustin (Sigcomm 2012 paper)

 "I interned twice at MSR India, with the MNS group in 2011 and jointly with the TEM and MNS groups in 2012. I am immensely indebted to my mentors for letting me work on very exciting projects and teaching me new sets of technical skills. I was also highly influenced by the vibrant infectious energy that every researcher at MSRI radiates. The internships gave me positive energy and motivation, in addition to two interesting papers, that I co-authored with my MSR mentors." 

Rijurekha Sen, IIT Bombay (Mobicom 2012 paper, DEV 2013 paper)

"I interned twice at MSR India, and it was a great experience to work with the prominent researchers in the area of networking and systems. I got the opportunity to work on interesting research problems, and this experience also helped me define my thesis topic. The lab environment was very open and friendly, and there used to be lots of fun activities in the lab, which made my stay at MSR India even more enjoyable."

Ashok Anand, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison (NSDI 2010 paper, Sigmetrics 2009 paper)

"I spent the summer of 2010 interning at MSRI, working on network misconfiguration detection. The project was fun and resulted in a high-profile publication, the work environment was exceptionally friendly, and I had the opportunity of working with world-class researchers. Plus I got the chance to discover India, which was an amazing experience in itself!"

Lorenzo De Carli, University of Wisconsin, Madison (CoNEXT 2011 paper)

"My internship was an amazing experience where I had the unique opportunity to work with experienced world-class researchers working on challenging problems. The open research atmosphere and great passion for solving hard problems shown by my mentors and other researchers is highly motivating."

Pradeep Padala, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Usenix 2010 AWARD paper)

"I have the highest recommendations for MSR-India's internship program. I worked on engaging real-world problems with highly-regarded researchers, and published a paper in a top conference. Also, I traveled within India, met a lot of great people, immersed myself in a new culture for 3 months, learned the rules and intricacies of cricket, and possibly most important, ate a lot of great food! My internship at MSR-India is one of my fondest memories from grad school."

Eric Rozner, Univ. of Texas, Austin (Mobisys 2010 paper)

"My MNS internship provided me a great opportunity of professional growth, by working on next generation projects, side by side with world class researchers. The great chance I had of leading my own project made me really feel I was making impact."

Eugenio Magistretti, Rice University (Mobicom 2011 paper)

"My time at MSR India has been the best in my life so far. It never felt like working in a corporate environment --- rather, the whole lab is one closely knit, fun-loving family. Not only does one get to work with and learn from the best researchers in their area of interest, you get to own and drive cutting-edge projects. All in all, the MSRI experience was a unique and unforgettable one that I whole heartedly recommend."

Anand Iyer, Univ. of California, Berkeley (Mobicom 2010 paper)

"At MSR India, I studied networking in a wonderful setting. There were thoughtful mentors who guided the work, passionate undergraduates with whom I discussed ideas and philosophy, and driven graduate students with whom I have made lasting friendships."

Aaron Schulmann, Univ of Maryland, College Park (Mobicom 2010 paper)