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Mobility and Networking Research - Sample Demos

To invent & research technologies that make Microsoft’s networks, services and devices indispensable to the world

Procrastinator automatically decides when to fetch each network object that an app requests. Depending on the app. and user, it can achieve as much as 4X savings in bytes transferred. (2013)

Proximity Remoting for Instantaneous Multi-device Execution (PRIME) enables fluid interaction among multiple devices. (2013)

Software Driven Wide Area Network (SWAN) boosts the utilization of inter-DC networks beyond 95% by re-configuring the network's data plane to match the traffic demand. (2013)

Fast Application Launching with Context (FALCON) remedies slow application launch by using context such as user location and temporal access patterns to predict app. launches before they occur. (2012)

Mileage Data Attribution
Don’t know what is draining your phone’s battery or your cellular data plan? Mileage will track down the hogs! (2011)

Non-trivial Persuit (NTP)
NTP is a social trivia game played among attendees of a meeting. It uses the SMASH framework. The game draws information about the attendees public sources like Bing.(2011)

Wireless Display
From the phone to the big screen, effortlessly and wirelessly. (2011)

Print From Phone
Won't it be cool to print directly from your phone, to any printer of your choice? We think so. Built using the Hawaii OCR Service . (2011)

Hawaii OCR and Gadgeteer
Here's a cool demo that combines Hawaii OCR Service with .NET Gadgeteer.(2011)

A game of Ping Pong, built using the Hawaii Relay Service .(2010)

We believe that the next generation of computers will provide the ability to continuously capture and analyze visual information. (2013)

Zero-Effort Payment (ZEP) enables a scenario in which mobile users can pay with "zero-effort": without interacting with their smartphone or opening their wallets. (2012)

Share files, vote on hot topics and do much more with attendees at a meeting (large or small) using the SMASH framework.(2011)

Pen may be mightier than the sword, but in this game, the phone is the sword .... (2011)

Don't touch the trail left by your opponent, or you will die! Hawaii services , head-mounted displays and other gizmos bring the old ``Light Cycles'' game to life on Windows Phone.(2011)

Hands-free Cookbook
Keep your dirty hands to yourself! This audio cookbook reads out recipes and responds to voice commands for navigation, so you don't have to touch the phone while cooking.(2011)

Without a front facing camera, taking good self-portraits is difficult. This nifty app detects your face, and provides voice cues until your face is correctly centered! (2011)

Image Translator
Take a picture, and have the text read back in the language of your choice! Illustrates the idea of composing multiple Hawaii Services .(2010)

Indoor Navigation
Feeling lost in an unfamiliar building? We have the answer: an indoor naviagtion system for Windows Phone. (2010)