Machine Learning and Perception
Machine Learning and Perception

The Machine Learning and Perception group is one of the major research groups at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Its research broadly aims at structure and exploiting structure in real-world data sets, with applications such as matchmaking in online gaming, intelligent image processing, web search and analysis of DNA data.

Research Areas

Computer Vision

Vision is the study of how computers can be programmed to understand and react to images and video. At Microsoft we take an approach that spans the range from theory to practice. 

Machine Learning
Advancing the theory of machine learning along with provision of the corresponding tools for application ranging from processing of digital ink to analysis of biological data.

Online Services and Advertising

Our mission is to create the computational intelligence that will underpin the success of the next generation of these online services.


Every year, we welcome several interns in the Machine Learning and Perception group. To apply for an internship, please refer to the Cambridge Lab Intership Program page.

What former interns have said:

“An inspiring place to work — lots of clever people and exciting research!”
Timothy Hospedales, Intern 2007, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Former Members


  • The Machine Learning and Perception Group has vacancies from time to time. We are always interested to hear from outstanding scientists, especially recent PhDs, but also established researchers. For further information please contact Chris Bishop.


  • Please refer to the research area pages and the homepages of individual group members.

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