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The Machine Learning and Optimization (MLO) group at Microsoft Research India is looking for interns to work on cutting edge research problems leading to publications in top tier conferences and journals. The MLO group has a strong international reputation and attracts applications from leading graduate schools in the US, UK and the EU. Interns can choose from a wide range of basic or applied research projects in the following areas:

Scalable optimization algorithms for large scale learning
  1. Kernel learning
  2. Learning with millions of categories
  3. Online learning
  4. Crowd sourcing
  5. Learning to rank
Learning algorithms for structured spaces
  1. Compressed sensing
  2. Multi-label classification
  3. Structured output prediction
  4. Reinforcement learning
Theoretical issues in machine learning
  1. High dimensional statistics
  2. Online Learning
  3. Multi-armed bandits
  4. Matrix factorization
  5. Privacy preserving machine learning
  1. Probabilistic programming
  2. Computer vision
  3. Computational advertising
  4. Web search
  5. Anomaly detection

About the Internship

Interns will have access to a unique mix of research problems, data and computing infrastructure typically not found in academia or other industries. Previous interns have leveraged these resources to publish high impact papers as well as file patents. The MLO group has nine core researchers who regularly publish in top conferences and journals, serve as program committee members and area chairs and organize conferences and workshops. Microsoft Research India is co-located with Bing Ads India in the heart of Bangalore and provides PhD interns with air fare to and from Bangalore, accommodation in the city center, assistance in obtaining a visa, transportation within the city, amazing food, as well as a stipend for the duration of the internship. The lab is particularly well known for its intern parties, social outings and facilities. Internship opportunities are available throughout the year and we are flexible in terms of type of project and start and end date. Typical PhD internships last a minimum of 8 weeks and most students prefer to intern during the summer for around 3 months.

How to Apply

Interested PhD students should e-mail their CV to and include the following points in the body of the mail:

- Your current position:
(program of study, name of institute/university)
- Interested in working with:
(note that MLO researchers will search using this field so make sure to mention the names of the specific researchers that you are interested in working with)
- Interested in working on:
(if you have a strong preference for a particular project)
- Start date:
(must be a Monday)
- End date:
(must be a Friday)
- Any other relevant information:

Please note that we get many applications so it will maximize your chances if you send an e-mail in the format given above. More details about the MLO group can be found at

Prospective interns are encouraged to write to individual researchers who they might be interested in working with. Note that Indian undergraduate and masters students should apply through their respective campus placement programs rather than e-mailing us directly (we typically do not take Indian non-PhD students unless their institute has a campus placement tie-up with MSR and the students have applied through the program). Please contact Manik Varma <> if you have any questions.