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Mobile and Sensing Systems Group (MASS)
     The Mobile and Sensing Systems Group (MASS) investigates fundamental problems and emerging challenges arising from the ubiquity of networked sensors and actuators, proliferation of smartphones and wearables, and the need to extract insights from the data they generate.

Our research focuses on hardware and software innovations necessary to enable sensor-driven scenarios and context-aware applications, and incorporates them into experimental systems deployable in the real-world. We believe our research will have a significant impact on our everyday lives, from environment, to health, energy, productivity, and entertainment.

We are currently working on a number of topics, including mobile systems, sensor networks, localization, energy efficiency, participatory sensing, activity recognition, and smart buildings.

Job Opportunities - We are looking for exceptional full-time researchers and research interns, who demonstrate high-quality research taste, deep analytical skills, and strong first-hand system building experience. For more information, please refer to our job descriptions. To apply, please send your CV to and copy one of our group members.