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Internet Services Research Center (ISRC)

The Internet Services Research Center (ISRC) is a specialized research group, focusing on all aspects of internet services. We see applications moving to the cloud, with Web search posing deep technical challenges, and with mobility, social networks, data mining, and system structures seeing huge changes. We work to accelerate innovations in search and ad technologies, and partner with other parts of Microsoft to rapidly deliver them to our search products, customers, and advertisers.

New in the News:

How to Shop for Free Online: Rui Wang, Shuo Chen, XiaoFeng Wang and Shaz Qadeer win Best Practical Paper Award at IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Conference 2011.

Researchers find major flaws in online payment systems

CNN writes an article about Shuo Chen's research: "A group of security researchers say software flaws in the ways major merchants have implemented payment systems from PayPal, Amazon Payments and Google Checkout allowed them to buy products online for free or at a deep discount". April 13, 2011.

Featured Projects:


Facto is a fact lookup engine that can directly answer your fact-based queries, such as “how old is Britney Spears” or “mass of Mars”. Facto crawls structured data from tables on the web and answers your questions when corresponding data is available. Please give Facto a try and learn how it works.

Microsoft Web N-gram Services

In partnership with Bing, we invite the whole community to use the Web N-gram services.  Access petabytes of data via a cloud-based platform to drive discovery and innovation in web search, natural language processing, speech, and related areas.  Take advantage of real-world web-scale data, with regular data updates for projects that benefit from dynamic data. 

Recent Papers:

SIGIR 2011

(Accepted for presentation and publication as a full paper)

  • Post-Ranking Query Suggestion by Diversifying Search Results, by Yang Song, Dengyong Zhou, Li-wei He
  • Probabilistic Factor Models for Web Site Recommendation, by Hao Ma, Chao Liu, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu
  • Unsupervised Query Segmentation Using Clickthrough for Information Retrieval, by Yanen Li, ChengXiang Zhai, Kuansan Wang, Bo-June Hsu

CHI 2011

  • Sampling Representative Phrase Sets for Text Entry Experiments: A Procedure and Public Resource, by Tim Paek, Bo-June (Paul) Hsu, Microsoft Research (Honorable mention award)

Oakland 2011

  • How to Shop for Free Online -- Security Analysis of Cashier-as-a-Service Based Web Stores, by Rui Wang, Shuo Chen, XiaoFeng Wang, and Shaz Qadeer (Best Practical Paper Award

WWW 2011

  • FACTO: A Fact Lookup Engine Based on Web Tables, by Xiaoxin Yin, Wenzhao Tan, Chao Liu
  • Semi-Supervised Truth Discovery, by Xiaoxin Yin, Wenzhao Tan
  • Online Spelling Correction for Query Completion, by Huizhong Duan and Paul Hsu
  • Web scale NLP: A case study on URL word breaking, by Kuansan Wang, Chris Thrasher and Paul Hsu

WSDM 2011

  •  Recommender Systems with Social Regularization, by Hao Ma, Dengyong Zhou, Chao Liu, Michael R. Lyu and Irwin King
  • Searchable Web Sites Recommendation, by Yang Song, Nam Nguyen, Li-Wei He, Scott Imig, and Robert Rounthwaite
  • Inferring Search Behaviors Using Partially Observable Markov Model with Duration (POMD), by Yin He and Kuansan Wang 


ISRC Research Groups

ISRC Director: Yi-Min Wang

  • Human Intelligence Technology (HIT) Group
    Manager: Kuansan Wang  
    • Group Members: Paul Hsu, Nikolas Gloy, Ricky Loynd
    • R&D Areas: Web-Scale Language Model, Search User Behavior Model, Dialog Model
  • ISRC Advanced Development Group (ADG)
    Manager: Johnson Apacible
    • Group Members: Mark Encarnacion, Atilla Gunal, Krishna Nareddy, Yutaka Suzue, Riyaaz Shaik, Woon Kiat Wong
    • R&D Areas: Search Ecosystem, Structured Data Search, Micro-Verticals
  • Search Quality Intelligence (SQI) Group
    Manager: Li-wei He
  • Systems & Social Networking
    Manager: Emre Kiciman
    • Team Member: Chun-Kai Wang
  • Data Intelligence Group (DIG)
    Manager: Chao Liu
    • Team Member: Hao Ma
  • Other ISRC Members

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