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Integrated Systems Projects
  • Cookie Visualizer
    In order to increase user awareness of third party tracking we have investigated designs for visualizing cookie traffic as the users browse the Web.
  • DeskPiles
    DeskPiles is a prototype developed as part of the MSR research in distributed information management and collaborative work within a multi-device environment. The DeskPiles prototype enables collaborative arrangement and annotation of digital resources by creating a multi-user and multi-device interactive space. For collocated collaboration, we integrated MS Surface, wall displays, desktop PCs, and tablet PCs.
  • SearchMobil
    SearchMobil is a search support environment for PDAs that provides flexible viewing and analyses of Web search results, and local search over documents encountered during the search session. It incorporates SmartView's document partitioning and thus enables relevance assessment on both the full document level and its constituent parts.
  • SmartNavigation
    SmartNavigation comprises three features that extend the current Windows Internet Explorer functionality and help users easily revisit pages that they have seen in the recent past or accessed regularly in the past. All three features are based on the structure model of the navigation history that induces the structure from the users interaction with the browser application.
  • mCommunicator
    There is often a need to contact a person by a particular time of day or while the person is at a particular location. mCommunicator is a web service that enables the users to select the best channel of communication with another person for a particular circumstance. The user only needs to be concerned with creating a message content and specifying preferences for message delivery. mCommunicator thus enables flexible cross-platform communication.
  • iPox
    Pace your steps, catch the heartbeat, and send a word around iPox is a multi-sensor device to wear on the wrist for capturing location, heartbeat, movement, and voice recordings. The device is connected with the Smartphone via Bluetooth and enables the user to transmit data and messages and connect to Web services. Economical and easy to use, iPox enables a wide variety of applications, from observing one's personal well-being to sharing one's experience with a wider community.
  • mGuide
    mGuide is a mobile application that combines location, images, and audio annotations of the user's route to enhance the capture and sharing of mobile experiences (driving, running, walking).
  • weConnect
    weConnect is an online service that enables mobile and desktop users to connect via exclusive and personal media channels. A person can easily create a media mix using images, text, and animations and broadcast the content to another person through a dedicated channel. The recipient can view the content live and retrospectively on the mobile or desktop. As a research platform, weConnect enabled us to explore the effects of rich media broadcast among individuals in close relationships.
  • Project Colletta
    Project Colletta is an extension of the Windows UI that supports lightweight management of the user's activities through tagging.
  • ScholarLynk
    ScholarLynk is a collaborative content management and scholarly communication tool. It builds on research conducted as part of the Research Desktop project at Microsoft Research Cambridge and levereges infrastructure built as part of the DRIVER EU project.
  • IR Evaluation measures
    Algorithms and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of information retrieval approaches, taking into account the user's browsing behaviour.
  • Book Search
    Algorithms and systems for the domain specific searching and browsing of collections of digitized books.
  • Social Information Retrieval
    Framework, algorithms and experiments in Social Information Retrieval (SIR) incorporating models of trust and reputation and notions authoritativeness and popularity, and their relations to relevance.
  • NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration in Excel
    NodeXL is a powerful and easy-to-use interactive network visualisation and analysis tool that leverages the widely available MS Excel application as the platform for representing generic graph data, performing advanced network analysis and visual exploration of networks. The tool supports multiple social network data providers that import graph data (nodes and edge lists) into the Excel spreadsheet.
  • InSite Live
    InSite is a tool for visualizing the structure of a Web site that helps Web site visitors to search and browse through the site. It identifies sub-sites within a site and displays the topics they cover in order to assist the users in finding pages of interest. It enables Web site administrators to learn how users interact with their Web sites and how to improve the site organization.
  • Research Desktop
    Research Desktop augments the standard desktop environment with concepts and designs that enable new ways of working and managing resources. It provides support in four key areas: Activities, Tools, Library and Notes.

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