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Integrated Systems Team and Collaborators


Primary Contact: Natasa Milic-Frayling


Natasa Milic-Frayling

Natasa's current research focus is on prototyping and evaluating advanced information management and communication systems. Projects span three areas: rich Web client, text mining, and mobile applications and services. 



Gabriella Kazai

Gabriella joined in 2006. Her research interests include structured document retrieval, in particular applied to books, and its evaluation. She has been organizing the Book Track at INEX since 2007. She is also active in social information retrieval and personal information management projects. Projects include ScholarLynk and Research Desktop.



Gavin Smyth

Gavin is a Research Software Developer, with the team since 2002, working on a variety of projects: prototyping and evaluation of a rich Web client, user study and data analysis tools, and research experiments.


Jamie Costello

Jamie is a Software Development Consultant, working on Mobile Applications and Services. He joined the team in 2004.


Rachel Jones

Rachel has been collaborating with the Integrated Systems team since 2002. She is Director of Instrata Ltd, founded in 2001, specializing in user-centred design and technology development. In the past, Rachel worked at Xerox EuroPARC and Sapient (formerly E-lab).



Gerard Oleksik

Gerard joined the team in 2008. He employs methods including ethnographic investigation, depth interview and log analysis to study the intersection between technology and human action in a range of settings. He is involved in the design and implementation of user studies. 



Annika Hupfeld

Annika is a designer working on the conception and design of research prototype systems for information management, visualization and preservation. Projects she is involved in include Project Colletta, NodeXL, and .Doc.



Vishwa Vinay

Vinay joined the Integrated Systems group in 2007 as a Post Doc Researcher after completing his PhD at University College London in the area of text retrieval. Vinay is now an Applied Researcher with the Microsoft Enterprise Search team.








Tony Capone 

Cody Dunne

Jens Gerken

Derek Hansen

Aleks Ignjatovic 





Hans-Christian Jetter

Tom Lee

Jure Leskovec

Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues

Ben Shneiderman 



Marc Smith 


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