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Integrated Systems

Connected Technologies, People, and Information

The Integrated Systems (IS) group explores technologies and designs with the aim of connecting people to what matters to them most: other people and information. We work towards an understanding of principles that govern the ways in which people interact with each other, organize information, and share knowledge in different environments. We investigate how new technologies, such as cloud computing, multi-device environments, and mobile platforms can enable new user experiences.

Through a multi-disciplinary approach we develop algorithms, methods, and technologies to investigate new concepts and designs. We are a team of researchers, designers and developers with expertise in information retrieval, machine learning, network analysis, and human-computer interaction.

Our research approach combines human and technological perspectives. By taking a holistic view and studying how people access, collect, use, and share information, we gain an understanding of how technologies can aid people in their everyday lives. We develop prototypes of information management systems, online services, rich media applications to explore novel ways of tackling challenging issues and exploring new opportunities.

Research Topics

Information Organization, Retrieval, and Sharing

We explore new paradigms for information management and develop technologies that empower people to manage their digital content across desktop, mobile, Web and Cloud platforms. This includes the long term preservation of digital content.

Projects: Research Desktop, Project Colletta, ScholarLynk, IR evaluation, PLANETS.

Online Communities and Social Networks

We work on models, algorithms, and visualisations of networks that stem from social media interactions. Through the analysis of user interactions in online communities we develop models for trust and reputation. By combining network analysis with search models we investigate unified models for social information retrieval.

Projects: NodeXL, Social IR, Read and Play, Trust and Reputation, InSite Live!.

Mobile and Cross-Platform Media and Communication

We explore new forms of mobile communication and other ways for people to connect with each other via different platforms and media.

Projects: AMICO, weConnect, mGuide, iPox.

New User Interfaces and Multi-Device Environments

Surface computing, tablet PCs, and new display technologies provide opportunities for new interaction paradigms and help us understand the issues in design and implementation of shared information environments.

Projects: DeskPiles, Beneath the Surface, FacetStreams.

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We are looking for interns and post-docs. To apply, please visit Microsoft Research Careers.

Contact Us

Integrated Systems Group
Microsoft Research
7 J J Thomson Ave
Cambridge CB3 0FB, UK
+44 1223 479700