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Creativity in Daily Life

Creativity in Daily Life

Celebrating and facilitating creativity within everyday life.

The recent explosion in new forms of creative expression is allowing people from all walks of life to engage in new ways with their friends, peers, colleagues and the world at large. One aspect of creativity is social expression, where people now have a multitude of different channels through which to express themselves, from photo sharing and social networking sites to various forms of mobile communications. Music production offers another example, where individuals can now create and release music entirely from their ‘spare-room’ and have a more direct connection/interaction with their audience through blogs etc. Additionally, self-publishing of books with print runs from as small as one copy has now become a reality. In the past, these activities required people to engage with professionals to provide a conduit for their publishing needs, whereas more recently, software tools, including online services, have become prevalent thus offering individuals a huge range of new possibilities. Although often seen as a positive change, this shift from the professional to the individual has also brought about increased concerns about issues such as privacy and security, and it may be some years before the impact of self publishing becomes fully evident.

In addition, creative expression has become exemplified through the resurgence of the craft and ‘Make’ communities. Individually, people are grasping new opportunities to create new forms of technological devices through the increasing availability of information and supporting hardware and software (e.g. Arduino, Phidgets and MSRC’s Dragonfly project). The ‘opening up’ of these fields has lowered the barriers to entry and has given people from non-technology backgrounds the opportunity to become involved and provide news routes to support their creative output.

This theme will explore new ways of celebrating and facilitating creativity within everyday life. It will explore how social expression fits as part of the communication spectrum, how it is used in building and maintaining relationships, and how it helps build and define social identity. It will also explore new forms of creative expression, and see how differing forms of technology and interaction afford new opportunities for creativity.

Research questions:  

  • How are different forms of interaction and expression appropriated?
  • How will new forms of interaction, technology and content be appropriated in creative expression?
  • How does the underlying technology effect the expression, and can it inspire creativity?
  • What does this creative expression achieve for people?
  • How do different forms of expression or interaction meet different needs?
  • What new kinds of creativity are brought about due to the advent of new technology?What are the longer-term social implications of these new forms of creative outlet?


  • SPIBs
  • TellTable
  • VPlay
  • Family Archive scrapbook and piñata
  • Gathering Engine
  • FerroSense