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Computational Ecology and Environmental Science: toolbox

This page provides access to a variety of software tools, accompaniments to publications, demonstrations and tutorials to have come out of our research. Most of these were developed before we had identified the technology and tools to be our primary foci.

Software for Ecology and Environmental Science

  • Mobile Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring and Management Tool
    Determining the relationship between an animal's behaviour and its environment is fundamental in assessing how it can be effectively protected. Using a combination of wireless sensor networks, GPS tracking and integrative software solutions, we are developing the tools that allow scientists to work at scales, resolutions and ranges that were previously unavailable. This Windows Mobile based control application has been developed to interactively manage and track the status of the sensor network deployed on Skomer Island.
  • Environmental Scenario Search Engine (ESSE)
    The ESSE search-Engine is a flexible, efficient and easy to use search engine for data mining in environmental data archives. ESSE will help you find useful data even if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.
  • ESSE Visualization Plugin for NASA World Wind
    ESSE visualization plugins for interactive visualization of scalar fields, vector fields and trajectories on NASA World Wind.
  • ScatterWeb .NET SDK
    ScatterWeb .NET SDK is a new approach to working with wireless sensor networks. It hides the complexity of embedded programming and makes it easy to handle objects representing wireless sensors.

Accompaniments to Publications

Tutorials and Demonstrations