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Cryptography, Security, and Applied Mathematics

The Cryptography, Security, and Applied Mathematics (CSAM) group conducts research on theoretical and practical aspects of cryptography, computational complexity, formal approaches to system and software security, data mining and machine learning with applications to security, and number theory.

Some of the key areas the group focuses on include:

  • novel approaches to cryptanalysis,
  • design of new cryptographic primitives,
  • security proofs and applications of signature schemes,
  • cryptographic schemes relevant in cloud computing,
  • attribute based encryption,
  • position based cryptography,
  • secure multiparty computation,
  • zero knowledge proofs,
  • algebraic complexity,
  • number theory,
  • lower bounds in Boolean and communication models,
  • design and analysis of secure protocols,
  • analysis and categorization of attack scenarios,
  • learning and data mining techniques in security,
  • software protection, and
  • multimedia security.