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Computer Human Interactive Learning (CHIL)

The focus of the CHIL group is to make classifiers and other Machine Learning (ML) models easy to create, update, and transfer with little ML expertise and negligible cost.

  • PICL: Platform for Interactive Concept Learning
    Quick interaction between a human teacher and a learning machine presents numerous benefits and challenges when working with web-scale data. The human teacher guides the machine towards accomplishing the task of interest. The system leverages big data to find examples that maximize the training value of its interaction with the teacher.


  • Simard, P., Chickering, D., Lakshmiratan, A., Charles, D., Bottou, L., Suarez, C.G.J., Grangier,D., Amershi,S., Verwey,J., Suh,J.: Ice: Enabling non-experts to build models interactively for large-scale lopsided problems. arXiv:1409.4814 [cs.AI], Microsoft Research (2014)

The Computer Human Interactive Learning group is one of the Machine Learning Groups in the Microsoft Research Redmond lab.

Group Contact:

Saleema AmershiSaleema Amershi
Max ChickeringMax Chickering
Carlos Garcia Jurado SuarezCarlos Garcia Jurado Suarez
Aparna LakshmiratanAparna Lakshmiratan
Patrice SimardPatrice Simard
Jina SuhJina Suh
Johan VerweyJohan Verwey


  • Denis Charles
  • David Grangier