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Cambridge Systems and Networking: Careers


The Cambridge Systems & Networking group is always looking for interns, post-docs and exceptional researchers. For general information about careers at Microsoft Research, please see our Jobs page.


Prospective interns should check out our Cambridge internship page, and follow the instructions there.  In addition, they may wish to identify people or projects they are interested in, and informally email the relevant staff directly (one email, cc'ed appropriately).

Bright Minds Competition

Students in their penultimate year of undergraduate studies have the opportunity to work on real projects alongside some of brightest minds in computer science at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Please apply on our Bright Minds Competition page.


Information and an application form for these fixed-term posts (currently two years) is available on our Post-doc Positions page.


Applicants should view the information on our Researcher page.


Applicants should view the information on our Technical positions page.

PhD Scholarships

Launched in 2004 the PhD Scholarship Programme in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has so far supported more than 200 PhD students from more than 18 countries and 51 institutions.

The full list of current PhD students under the PhD Scholarship Programme can be found on the Selected PhD Projects and Scholars page, below is the list specific to the Systems and Networking group:

Andrey Rodchenko, University of Manchester
Virtualization and High-Productivity for Many-Cores

Istvan Haller, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Security for Legacy Binaries

Karthik Nilakant, University of Cambridge
D³N: Data Driven Declarative Networking in Dynamic Mobile Networks

Nooshin Sadat Mirzadeh, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (ÉPFL)
3D Smart Memory for Scale-Out Servers

Paul-Jules Micolet, University of Edinburgh
Performance Portability for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Systems

Robert Norton, University of Cambridge
Exploring Hardware Support for Multithreading and Message Passing

Tomasz Kuchta, Imperial College London
Incremental and Adaptive Symbolic Execution