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Audio and Acoustics Research Group

The Audio and Acoustics group conducts research in audio processing and speech enhancement, 3D audio perception and technologies, devices for audio capture and rendering, array processing, information extraction from audio signals.


The mission of the Audio and Acoustics Group is to develop state of the art algorithms and designs for audio processing, speech enhancement, 3D audio capture and rendering. We also work on the better acoustical design of audio devices, such as microphones and loudspeakers. The group conducts research in the area of information retrieval from audio signals, such as speaker identification, emotion detection, etc. Our goal is to create technologies enabling natural interaction with computers with speech and audio. At the same time, we try to impact Microsoft's current and future offerings in these areas.

Contact for the Audio and Acoustics Research Group is Ivan Tashev.

David Johnston
David Johnston

The Audio team on Crystal Mountain on March 13th 2014.


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  • Felicia Lim, 2014 (Imperial College London, UK). “Blind Estimation of Reverberation Parameters”
  • Ivan Dokmanic, EPFL, Switzerland, 2013. Ultrasound Depth Imaging.
  • Piotr Bilinski, INRIA, France, 2013. HRTF Personalization Using Anthropometric Features.
  • Kun Han, Ohio State University, USA, 2013. Emotion Detection from Speech Signals.
  • Keith Godin, University of Texas at Dallas, USA, 2012. Open-set Speaker Identification on Noisy, Short Utterances.
  • Jason Wung, Georgia Tech, USA, 2012. Next Steps in Multi-Channel Acoustic Echo reduction for Xbox Kinect.
  • Xing Li, University of Washington, USA, 2012. Dynamic Loudness Control for In-Car Audio.
  • Keith Godin, University of Texas at Dallas, USA, 2011. Binaural Sound Source Localization.
  • Hoang Do, Brown University, USA, 2010. A Step Towards NUI: Speaker Verification for Gaming Scenarios.
Recent Publications