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Algorithms Research Group

21st Century Algorithms


The Algorithms Research Group was formed in December 2007. It will focus on 21st Century Algorithms which seek to address the new demands in today’s environment of computing with massive data. Besides the traditional topics in Algorithms, areas such as streaming algorithms, directed data sampling, machine learning, approximation algorithms, and integration of numerical and combinatorial method are expected to play an important role in the years to come. The goal of this new group is to be at the forefront of conceptual breakthroughs in these areas.


Ravi Kannan 


Amit Deshpande


Navin Goyal  Nisheeth Vishnoi   Prateek Jain  


Microsoft Research India Theory Day: 3rd Annual Symposium


Recent Visitors

Sanjeev Arora 

Umesh Vazirani

John Hopcroft

Kamesh Munagala

Prasad Raghavendra

Shuchi Chawla

T S Jayram

Amit Kumar

Recent Interns

Bernhard Haeupler

Madhur Tulsiani

Rajasekar Manokaran

Anand Louis

Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran

Neil Olver

Lorenzo Oreccia

Shubhangi Saraf


The group is looking for researchers with excellent publications records at all levels in all areas of Algorithms. Algorithms relevant to modern massive data problems, sampling based approaches, integration of Numerical and Combinatorial algorithms, Graph and Optimization Algorithms, Computations relating to Economic Systems and large-scale data mining algorithms will be some of the focus areas. The group is looking to make conceptual and fundamental advances in all its focus areas.