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Computer and Systems Architecture (Silicon Valley)

We are currently investigating various topics related to computer architecture (multicore, manycore, transaction memory, etc.), hardware accelerators, systems architecture (storage, nonvolatile memory, etc.), including software and hardware components, and graphics. We strive to understand and optimize systems and system interactions, enabling new paradigms, accelerators, and research platforms. As a result, we build hardware and software systems that facilitate research in a variety of areas.

Current Projects
  • Flashlight
    The goal of the Flashlight project at MSR Silicon Valley is to explore existing and new flash architectures and to build tools to aid in that endeavor.
  • PTask: Dataflow Programming for GPUs
    Supporting future applications like gestural interfaces on low-power platforms such as cell phones and tablets forces developers to provide high compute bandwidth with low latency. To this end, PTask is a dataflow programming framework for GPUs that insulates the programmer from low-level details such as device-management, data transfer, and asynchrony. PTask is supported at the system call interface, so the OS can provide isolation and fairness guarantees for GPU computations.