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AIRS (Asia Information Retrieval Societies) Steering Committee

This is the homepage of the AIRS SC (Asia Information Retrieval Societies Steering Committee) that runs the annual AIRS conferences.


  • Added a link to the AIRS 2013 website (see HISTORY) (January 17, 2013)
  • AIRS 2013 will be held in Singapore, Dec 9-11, 2013! (December 20, 2012)
  • New AIRS steering committee chair (for 2013): Dawei Song! (December 20, 2012)
  • AIRS 2012 best paper award / best poster award information (December 20, 2012)


1996 International Workshop on Information Retrieval with Oriental Languages (IROL'96) [Taejon, Korea]
1997 International Workshop on Information Retrieval with Asian Languages (IRAL'97)[Tsukuba, Japan]
1998 IRAL'98 [Singapore]
1999 IRAL'99 [Taipei, Taiwan]
2000 IRAL'00 (as an ACL workshop) [Hong Kong, China]
2003 IRAL'03 (as an ACL workshop) [Sapporo, Japan]
2004 Asia Information Retrieval Symposium (AIRS'04) [Beijing, China]
2005 AIRS'05 [Jeju Island, Korea]
2006 AIRS'06 [Singapore]
2008 AIRS'08 [Harbin, China]
2009 AIRS'09 [Sapporo, Japan]
2010 Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference (AIRS'10) [Taipei, Taiwan]
2011 AIRS'11 [Dubai, UAE]                                                                              

2012 AIRS'12 [Tianjin, China]                                                                           

2013 AIRS'13 [Singapore]                                                  



AIRS'09 Best Paper Award:

Falk Scholer and Andrew Turpin: Relevance Profiling and Metric Mismatch in Retrieval Evaluation

AIRS'10 Best Paper Award:

Jun Xu, Hang Li and Chaoliang Zhong: Relevance Ranking using Kernels

AIRS'12 Best Paper Award:

Tetsuya Sakai, Zhicheng Dou, Ruihua Song and Noriko Kando: The Reusability of a Diversified Search Test Collection

AIRS'12 Best Poster Award:

Debasis Ganguly, Johannes Leveling and Gareth Jones: Topical Relevance Models


AIRS Steering Committee

Hsin-Hsi Chen (Taiwan)
Gary Geunbae Lee (Korea)
Wai Lam (Hong Kong)
Alistair Moffat (Australia)
Hwee Tou Ng (Singapore)
Tetsuya Sakai (2012 Chair, Mainland China)
Dawei Song (2013 Chair, UK)
Masaharu Yoshioka (Japan)


AIRS Advisors

Mun Kew Leong (Singapore)
Sung-Hyon Myaeng (Korea)
Kam-Fai Wong (Hong Kong)

Asia IR Societies are supported by...

CIPS [Beijing]