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Second Workshop on Wearable AR Systems for Industrial Applications

In this second workshop on Wearable Systems for Industrial Augmented Reality Applications we will discuss the following topics, related to wearable computing and AR technologies: core technologies, such as hardware, AR development kits or AR-enabled software; software architectures and applications concepts; as well as business ideas and case studies of AR systems within the industrial context.

Furthermore, with upcoming consumer wearables, such as Google Glass, we will compare requirements for such consumer-grade systems with requirements for systems designed for users in industrial environments. Some of the key questions will be: How much AR do we need? And how much AR can we stand?

Workshop Homepage:

The Workshop is taking place at Ubicomp2013 and ISWC2013
Please see the main conference websites for registration details.

Organized by Christian Buergy (texxmo) and Holger Kenn (Microsoft ATL Europe)


Holger Kenn
Holger Kenn

Call for papers (PDF)