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Verified Software Workshop and Summer School 2012

August 23–31, 2012 | Shanghai, China

Microsoft Research Asia, in partnership with East China Normal University, hosted the second Verified Software Workshop and Summer School in Shanghai, China. Participants explored new directions and emerging opportunities in verifiable software research with colleagues from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. This workshop included two days of lectures from prominent scientists and researchers on topics in verification theory, practices, and tools, followed by a five-day summer school.

Workshop Co-Chairs

Tony Hoare
Tony Hoare

Principal Researcher, 1980 Turing Award Winner
Microsoft Research Cambridge

Jifeng He
Jifeng He

Professor, Software Engineering Institute, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences
East China Normal University

Workshop Speakers

Jin-Song Dong

National University of Singapore

Masahiro Fujita

University of Tokyo

Aarti Gupta

NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

Shi Han  Microsoft Research Asia 

Jifeng He

East China Normal University

Tony Hoare

Microsoft Research Cambridge

Daniel Kroening

University of Oxford

Akash Lal 

Microsoft Research India 

Shaz Qadeer

Microsoft Research Redmond

Chaochen Zhou  Chinese Academy of Sciences 



Summer School Speakers

Nikolaj Bjorner 

Microsoft Research Redmond 

Patrice Godefroid 

Microsoft Research Redmond 

Tony Hoare

Microsoft Research Cambridge

Sun Jun

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Jing Liu  

East China Normal University  

Matthew Parkinson 

Microsoft Research Cambridge 

Rasmus Petersen

Queen Mary University of London

Andre Platzer

Carnegie Mellon University

Jianqi Shi  National University of Singapore 

Georg Struth 

The University of Sheffield 

Zheng Wang  China Academy of Space Technology 



About the Workshop

The first Microsoft Research Asia Verified Software Workshop was a four-day event held in Beijing from October 17 to 20, 2009, attracting more than 240 faculty and student attendees from 31 universities and research institutes across China. Distinguished speakers included 1980 Turing Award Winner Tony Hoare, and senior members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Learn more... 

  • Workshop: August 23–24, 2012
  • Summer School: August 27–31, 2012

East China Normal University
Shanghai, China