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Verified Software Workshop

October 17–20, 2009, Beijing, China

Verified Software Workshop

The Microsoft Research Asia Verified Software Workshop was a four-day event that assessed the current state of verifiable software with lectures from prominent scientists and researchers on topics including verification theory, practices, and tools, as well as new directions and emerging opportunities in verifiable software research.

About the Verified Software Workshop

Building reliable and trustworthy software is one of the ultimate goals of software engineering. Over the last few decades, the verification community has made tremendous strides and advanced the discipline very substantially towards this goal. However, much work remains before this grand challenge is fully accomplished. The aim of the 2009 Microsoft Research Asia Verifiable Software Workshop was to assess the current state of verifiable software. It also aimed to strengthen communication between Chinese researchers and leading global research groups in the software verification community.

The Verified Software Workshop 2009 is endorsed by Turing Award winner Tony Hoare, as well as senior academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chaochen Zhou, Jifeng He, and Wei Li. The four-day workshop was divided into two parts:

  • The first two days offered lectures from prominent scientists offering overviews of recent progress in various research areas of verifiable software. The topics included aspects of verification theory, industrial practices, and verification tools.
  • The remainder of the workshop consisted of presentations from leading researchers in China and other parts of the world, sharing their research work and discussing new directions and emerging opportunities in this field.
Event Dates
  • October 17–20, 2009 (Lectures)
  • October 19–20, 2009 (Presentations)

Microsoft Research Asia
5F, Beijing Sigma Center No.49, Zhichun Road, Haidian District Beijing, China

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