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TechVista New Delhi 2007

Microsoft Research India has instituted an annual research symposium, TechVista, which brings together the best minds from the scientific and academic worlds onto a common platform. TechVista provides an opportunity for the research community, government, and students to interact and exchange ideas on research and its future directions.

TechVista New Delhi 2007, themed "Computing and Technology- Shaping the Future" saw a packed house with speakers captivating the audience with their insights into technology. Mr. Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Government of India, Mr. Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corp., Dr. Rick Rashid, Sr. VP, Microsoft Research and Mr. Srini Koppolu, Corporate VP and MD, Microsoft India Development Center addressed a special session at the symposium, covering a wide range of topics ranging from the future of technology and the impact technology will have on our future. Dr. Arun Shourie, Member of Parliament and former Minister of Disinvestment, Communications and IT, Govt. of India, addressed the closing session of TechVista and presented awards to the winners of the PhD poster session, as well as plaques to the MSR India PhD fellows.

The speakers at TechVista New Delhi 2007 included:

Click to watch video of the Q&A featuring Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. Krihi Ramamritham and Dr. Rick Rashid.

Our congratulations to the winners of the TechVista New Delhi 2007 poster session:

  • First prize- Arpita Patra & Ashish Choudhary, IIT Madras for "Perfectly Reliable and Secure Communication in Directed Networks"
    Advisor: Prof. C. Pandu Rangan
  • Second prize- Vinay P. Namboodiri, IIT Bombay for "Image Deblurring and Denoising using Diffusion"
    Advisor: Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri
  • Third prize- Aniruddha Joshi, IIT Bombay for "Nadi Tarangini: Ayurvedic Pulse-Based Diagnostic System Incorporating Machine Learning"
    Advisor: Prof. Sharat Chandran

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TechVista, Microsoft Research (MSR) India's annual research symposium, features some of the best recognized scientists from across the world as speakers. TechVista brings together the research community, academia and government onto a common platform. The speakers at the first three editions of TechVista (2005, 2006 and Bangalore, January 2007) include Turing award winners Dr. Butler Lampson, Dr. Raj Reddy and Sir Tony Hoare, and technical Academy award winner Dr. Ken Perlin, in addition to world renowned scientists like Prof. Maria Klawe, Prof. Takeo Kanade and well known Indian scientists like Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala.

TechVista highlights the impact research has had in various fields and demonstrates the benefits and rewards of taking up research as a career, in addition to bringing the latest developments in various research areas to the audience through the speakers. TechVista has rapidly grown from an audience of 250 people in 2005 to more than 800 participants in the January 2007 edition, a testament to the value participants see in the symposium.

In addition to globally recognized speakers, TechVista also features an exhibition/ poster session where we showcase the best projects from computer sciences and electrical engineering by PhD students from India’s leading technical institutions.

Eminent speakers at previous editions of TechVista include: