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TechVista 2011 PhD Poster Session

TechVista 2011, Microsoft Research India's flagship event, featured a poster session that showcased the research work being done by PhD students at leading educational institutions across India. The PhD poster session gives students an opportunity to display their work to a high profile audience including a large number of their peers.


PhD Posters for TechVista 2011

The following posters were presented at TechVista 2011:


Poster Title

Presenter Name


Statistical Analysis of Incorrect Component Assignments in Bug Reports: A Case Study of Eclipse Project

Amit Kumar

IIIT Delhi

Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage using Multimedia Ontology

Anupama Mallik

IIT Delhi

Cohesive Coverage Management for Design Intent Verification

Aritra Hazra

IIT Kharagpur

Mining the Gene-TF-miRNA Inter-regulatory Network

Debarka Sengupta

ISI, Kolkata

Feature Preserving Mesh Simplification

Dilip M. Thomas


A Fast Approach for Fusion of Hyperspectral Images through Redundancy Elimination

Ketan Kotwal

IIT Bombay

What is popular amongst your friends?

Kishor Barman


Low cost Localization Solution for Mobile Phones in Developing Countries

Kuldeep Yadav

IIIT Delhi

Fighting Chaotic Congestion

Rijurekha Sen

IIT Bombay

Advanced Mechanisms for Sleep Mode Optimization of VoIP Traffic over IEEE 802.16m

Ritesh K. Kalle

IIIT Bangalore

Towards Combating Rumors in Social Network: Models & Metrics

Rudra M. Tripathy

IIT Delhi

Rank-1 Two Player Games: A Homeomorphism and a Polynomial time Algorithm

Ruta Mehta

IIT Bombay

Assessing the Soft Cut‐off in the Twitter Social Network: Effects on Network Topology, System Load, User Satisfaction and Spamming Strategies

Saptarshi Ghosh

IIT Kharagpur

Data Structures for Storing Small Sets in the Bitprobe Model

Saswata Shannigrahi


Adaptive Kernel Sampling for Projector Defocus Blur Correction with Indirect Illumination Compensation in Multiplanar Environments  Shamsuddin N. Ladha  IITB-Monash Research Academy 

Computing the nearest noncoprime polynomials

Swanand R. Khare

IIT Bombay

Evaluating usage of an automation system designed for community radio stations

Zahir Koradia

IIT Bombay


Results of the PhD poster session:

First Prize: Ruta Mehta of IIT Bombay, for the poster Rank-1 Two Player Games: A Homeomorphism and a Polynomial Time Algorithm. She was advised by Bharat Adsul and Milind Sohoni.

Second Prize: Saptarshi Ghosh of IIT Kharagpur, advised by Niloy Ganguly, for Effects of a Soft Cut-off on Number of Links in the Twitter Online Social Network, a project done in association with under-graduate students Gautam Korlam (IIT Kharagpur) and Ajitesh Srivastava (BITS, Pilani).

Third Prize: Dilip Mathew Thomas of the Indian Institute of Science, advised by Phaneendra Yalavarthy and Vijay Natarajan, for Feature Preserving Mesh Simplification.