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PhD Poster Session

TechVista 2010, Microsoft Research India's flagship event, featured a poster session that showcased the research work being done at leading educational institutions across India by PhD students. The PhD poster session gave students the opportunity to display their projects to a high profile audience including a large number of their peers.




Aparna Mandke
Keshavan Varadarajan


Accelerating Multicore Simulators

Arnab De


Java memory model aware software validation

Arnab Sarkar

IIT Kharagpur

Low Overhead Real-time Proportional Fair Resource Allocation

Chandan Karfa

IIT Kharagpur

Equivalence Checking in Complex Embedded System Design Verification

Satyam Dwivedi


Low power receiver architecture and algorithms for wireless personal area networks

Rijurekha Sen
Prashima Sharma

IIT Bombay


Vijay Gabale

IIT Bombay

Lo3: Low Cost, Low Power, Local Voice and Messaging for Developing Regions

Vishal Sevani
Lokendra Singh
Viktor Chakroborty
Swanand Kulkarni

IIT Bombay

FRACTEL: A TDMA based WiFi mesh network with QoS support for rural digital connectivity

Sonali Chouhan

IIT Delhi

An Integrated Framework for Energy Optimization of Wireless Sensor Nodes

Mrugesh R. Gajjar


Accelerating Unsupervised Pattern Discovery in Speech using GPUs

Vishweshwara Rao
Sachin Pant

IIT Bombay

A vocal melody extraction system for polyphonic music with application in a query-by-humming system

Srinivasan Venkatramanan


Influence Spread in Social Networks

Ramasuri Narayanam


Game Theoretic Models for Social Network Analysis

Aniruddha J. Joshi

IIT Bombay

Hybrid svm for multiclass arrhythmia classification

Sameena Shah

IIT Delhi

Ant Colony Optimization: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications

Prajakta Nimbhorkar
Nutan Limaye


A Log-space Algorithm for Planar Graph Isomorphism

Pramod Sankar K

IIIT Hyderabad

Annotation based Retrieval of Multimedia

Shanmuganathan Raman

IIT Bombay

Low Dynamic Range Solutions to the High Dynamic Range Imaging Problem

Rajarshi Pal

IIT Kharagpur

Modeling Visual Attention for Images