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Managing Structured Data: What’s New?

Relational Database Management Systems have been the primary platform for managing structured data for the last few decades. However, usage scenarios for structured data as well as the technology landscape have continued to evolve over time. In this talk, we will reflect on how other platforms complement and in some cases even compete with traditional relational databases for managing structured data and why. We will also discuss some of the open challenges for research as well as industry, for example, data privacy/security as well as manageability of our data platforms.

Surajit Chaudhuri is a Research Area Manager overseeing data management research initiatives in Microsoft Research. His areas of interest include self-tuning database systems, query optimization, data cleaning, and synergy between search and DBMS technologies. The research results from his team have been incorporated in every Microsoft SQL Server release since SQL Server 7.0 (Database Tuning Advisor, Data Cleaning, and StreamInsight). Surajit has a PhD from Stanford University and is an ACM Fellow. He was awarded the ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award in 2004 and a 10 year VLDB Best paper Award in 2007.