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What's New
ReadWrite Article
At Microsoft's TechFest, The Future Is Big. Big Screens, That Is – ReadWrite
Russell Wilson Tweet
DangeRussWilson: Just left the @Microsoft campus... Wow is that place something special... #Techfest yesterday had amazing technology too! #Future      
Sunny Sen
Microsoft TechFest 2013 offers glimpses of future technology
USA Today
Kinect palm gesture controls coming - USA Today  
Ina Fried Tweet
@inafried: Microsoft's TechFest featured three different means for creating a 3d scan. It made my head spin, literally.
Microsoft SketchInsight
Indigic: Reallly Cool!!!! Microsoft SketchInsight lets you build a story with interactive sketches via @verge
SketchInsight whiteboard turns data into graphics for presentations
ZDNet's Jack Schofield's article about SketchInsight. Includes demo video.
Tweet to ZDNet Article
roykok: What a fascinating and simple way to view data. Great tools are coming.
TechFest Tim Bakke
tim_bakke: MSR showed off #IllumiShare at #TechFest last year, still amazes me. Wonder what will be shared next week?…