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Follow the buzz about TechFest 2012, the company’s annual showcase of emerging technologies. Be a part of our community and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

What's New
TWITTER: Cool stuff: MS Research's climate API FetchClimate
TWITTER: Some of the Microsoft research video's are so cool.
TWITTER: Cool new app that lets you mix video and still imagery:
TWITTER: Looking forward to seeing even more cool stuff today at the microsoft research techfest today.
TWITTER: #Microsoft Research: #Cliplets. Awesome stuff! Download now!
Microsoft 'Cliplet's project blends video and still images (GeekWire)
Todd wrote a short but sweet story describing the 'Cliplets' application and also included a link to the tutorial.
Microsoft's Future Factory Shows Off its Latest Ideas (Xconomy)
Curt highlighted three different demos including Cliplets, Microsoft Translator Hub and New Experiences in Search. The story also includes quotes from Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid’s keynote and Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Lab Director Roy Levin.
TWITTER: Here's a fun fact: Microsoft is the largest computer science research organization in the world. I wish I was PhD-smart
TWITTER: Some really cool concepts and vision of where tech is going.
TWITTER: Really cool proof of concept here. Microsoft Research built a wearable multitouch projector-crude, but impressive.