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TechFest 2007 Videos

TechFest Gallery
Microsoft Research partnered with Channel 9 and Channel 10 to unveil some new innovations and cool technologies showing at TechFest2007.





DynaVis: A visualization framework for next generation Dynamics UX, which is extensible, supports animated transitions, direct manipulation of data, and compositing. FastDASH: a peripheral display that shows software development teams where their team members are in the code, what methods they are working on, and who may need help.


New Concepts for the Home

We will present nine new technologies aimed at enriching home life, under four themes: New messaging concepts, New mobile concepts, New image displays and Paper-digital concepts.




Scaling P2P Games in Low-Bandwidth Environments

First-person shooter games such as Halo and Quake are limited to a few players, but we wish to scale such fast-paced games to massive battles with many players. A user study shows that our techniques make Quake III over low-bandwidth connections nearly as much fun as on a LAN. Come play the game and see for yourself!


Surface-Computing Innovations

Surface computing uses sensing and display technology to imbue everyday surfaces with interaction. PlayAnywhere is a compact surface-computing system shown at TechFest last year.




Asirra: Securing Web Services with Cute Kittens

Can you tell a dog from a cat? Perhaps you’ve seen Web services that require you to solve a small challenge to prove you are not an automated script. This is known as a CAPTCHA. We are developing a system, called Asirra, that challenges users to classify images of dogs and cats, a task  difficult for software but easy — even fun — for humans.


Boku: Lightweight Programming for Kids

Boku uses a novel, high-level programming paradigm within a 3-D gaming world on the Xbox 360 to introduce children to creative use of the computer. Boku's programming model is extremely simple as it does not use a textual language or wiring diagrams. The programming environment is integrated in an attractive gaming world and controlled entirely via an Xbox 360 game controller.


HDView — An IE plugin for Sharing Images

We will demonstrate a new viewer which can be embedded in any application or Web page. It merges traditional slide shows, super high-resolution panoramas, high dynamic range imagery, and 360 degree animations to create an incredibly rich photo viewing and browsing experience.