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Software Summit 2011

Paris, France
April 13–15, 2011

Software Summit 2011

Microsoft Research hosted this event to bring together thought leaders from academia, research labs, funding agencies, and Microsoft to discuss the state of software research and development. More than 200 leading European computer scientists attended to experience a vibrant program of talks, panels, workshops, and demonstrations. These interactions were designed to help participants gain a better understanding of the integral role that industrial research plays in society, education, and technology transfer, and how they can contribute to this thriving community. 

Featured Tools and Technology

The following tools and technology were featured at this year’s summit, and include Windows Phone 7 apps and more. Try them now.

Write code for your phone, on your phone! TouchStudio is a radically new software development environment on Windows Phone, bringing the excitement of the first programmable personal computers to the phone. TouchStudio is a free app that is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

This game awards you points for writing code; you win when your code computes the right outputs for all inputs. Pex4fun features a code editor with auto-completion, snippets, and background compilation. If you are new to C# or programming, Pex4fun offers courses to help you learn—right from your phone.

Play with the latest software engineering tools from Microsoft Research—on your phone! Rise4fun features more than 15 advanced tools for software testing, verification, concurrency, empirical studies, theorem proving, and more: download Rise4fun and solve Sudoku puzzles that use first-order logic!

Try F#Try F#
F# is a simple and pragmatic programming language that is ideal for data-rich, concurrent, and algorithmic development. You can start learning F# for free—no registration is required. We provide the tutorials, resources, and tools you need to begin working with F# right away.

Academic SearchAcademic Search
This free search engine helps you quickly find information about academic researchers. Academic Search makes it easy to find top researchers' papers, conferences, and journals. You can also find relationships between researchers in terms of co-authoring papers.


About the Summit

The Software Summit discussed Microsoft Research’s collaboration projects that drive and support innovative research in software engineering, semantic computing, parallelism and concurrency, programming languages, and mobile computing. With our partners at worldwide universities, industries, and governments, we develop free tools, technologies, and other resources that advance the state of computer science in Europe and help the region thrive and grow in fundamental and applied research. The tools listed above were showcased at the Software Summit and are freely available.

Software underlies everything in our daily lives, from transport to entertainment, from business to social networking. The way we design, engineer, maintain, and use software has changed dramatically in the past five years, and will change more in the next. We need to be ready for these changes, and be able to educate the next generation with the real tools and theory that will make them effective software developers, engineers, and architects.

Keynote Speakers

Ken Wood  Wolfram Schulte  Brendan Eich   
Ken Wood 

Deputy Managing Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Wolfram Schulte

Research Area Manager, Microsoft Research Redmond

Brendan Eich 

Chief Technology Officer, Mozilla

Tony Hey

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research Connections 


  • Beyond Software
  • Mobile Computing
  • Programming for the Next Generation
  • The Cloud
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Natural User Interaction
  • Semantic Computing
  • Verified Software 
Go Paperless at the Summit

The Software Summit 2011 Conference App brings session information, speaker bios, venue maps, and more to your Windows Phone 7.