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Scientific Data Intensive Computing Workshop 2004

The first annual Microsoft Scientific Data Intensive Computing Workshop 2004 will be held May 25-26, 2004 in Bellevue, Washington. The Workshop is hosted by Microsoft Research in collaboration with the Cornell Theory Center. We are making preparations for up to 75 researchers and practitioners from the computational sciences working on data intensive scientific computing.

With the explosion of data in the computational sciences, there is an opportunity for domain experts to benefit from recent advances in database, web services and .NET technologies to enable better sharing of information and data (including federation); application of computational resources; and performance for data-intensive applications. This in turn, enables scientists to focus on their research instead of the infrastructure.

This workshop looks to bring together researchers from the many computational sciences including computational astronomy, bioinformatics and computational biology, material sciences, physics, archeology, oceanography and others to discuss their experiences with data intensive computing and to share best practices.

This workshop also provides a unique opportunity to learn and affect what is happening in the realm of data intensive scientific computing within Microsoft. Attendees will learn first hand from early adopters using Windows, .NET, SQL Server and web services in these problem spaces as well as explore in-depth how modern database technologies and techniques are being applied to scientific computing. By providing a forum for scientists and researchers to share their experiences and expertise with the wider academic and research communities, this workshop will foster collaboration, facilitate the sharing of software components and techniques, and establish a vision for Microsoft Windows and .NET in data intensive scientific computing.

Panelists, Speakers, and Organizers


20 Questions to a Better Application

  • Jim Gray, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Research

Talks & Speakers

Data Explosion: Astrophysics with Terabytes of Data

  • Alex Szalay, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University

The TerraService: programmatic access to 21TB geospatial data

Data Intensive Computing, Driving the Future of HPC

Case Study: FEM using parallel SQL Server

  • Gerd Heber, Sr. Researcher, Cornell Theory Center

Modeling scientific data in a relational database

  • Shirley Cohen, Sr. Software Developer, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)

Panel: The Technical Computing Desktop

  • Murray Sargent, Senior Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, RichEdit engine
  • John SanGiovanni, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Research, Mobile Computing
  • Gully Brown, USC Brain Project, University of Southern California

Windows HPC

  • Kyril Faenov, Director, High Performance Computing

The Future of Web Services

  • Felipe Cabrera, Architect, Advanced Web Services

Visual Studio Futures - "Whidbey" overview

  • OpenMP, Parallel debugging in Visual Studio

Panel: Collaboration Tools for Scientific Computing

  • Chris Moffatt, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Research, ConferenceXP Project
  • Ivan Judson, Sr. Software Developer, Futures Laboratory, Argonne National Lab
  • John McGee, Senior Project Manager, Information Sciences Institute, SharePoint

Accommodations and Workshop Location

Sheraton Bellevue Hotel
100 112th Avenue NE
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Phone (425)455-3330
Fax (425)451-2473