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Station Q Seminars Spring 2014
Our seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 2:30pm in our seminar room (Elings Hall 2250), unless otherwise noted below.
  • 01/07: David Clarke, Caltech
    Hybrid Superconductor/Quantum Hall Devices: Parafermionic Zero Modes and their Applications
  • 01/14: Dong Liu, Michigan State
    Dissipation in Quantum Tunneling: A Platform for Quantum Phase Transitions and a Majorana Signature Filter
  • 03/14: Bruce Normand, Renmin University, Beijing
    Tensor renormalization of quantum many-body systems using projected entangled simplex states
  • 03/25: Maxim Vavilov, U Wisconsin
    Counting Statistics of Photons Emitted by a Double Quantum Dot
  • 03/27: Simon Trebst, University of Cologne
    Majorana metal on the hyperoctagon lattice
  • 04/29: Xie Chen, Berkeley
    'Gauging' Time Reversal Symmetry in Tensor Network States
  • 05/01: Alex Levchenko, U. Michigan
    Kinetics of spin-charge coupled one-dimensional electron liquids
  • 05/08: Jutho Haegeman, Ghent
    MPO-injectivity and Topologically Ordered PEPS
  • 05/20: Mike Levin, University of Chicago
    Braiding statistics and symmetry-protected topological phases
  • 07/01: Oliver Buerschaper, Perimeter Institute
    A non-commuting stabilizer formalism