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Station Q Seminars Spring 2013

Our seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 2:30pm in our seminar room (Elings Hall 2250), unless otherwise noted below.

Spring 2013 schedule

  • 01/07 - 03/28: KITP Workshop Control of Complex Quantum Systems
    For the current schedule, refer to the KITP weekly schedule
  • 02/19: Joe Polchinski, KITP
    Black Holes: Complementarity of Firewalls
  • 04/02 (2:00pm): Alexey Soluyanov, ETH Zurich
    Wannier functions and topological invariants
  • 05/02: Ali Yazdani, Princeton
    Majorana Fermions in Chains of Magnetic Atoms on a Superconductor
  • 06/04: Taylor Hughes, UIUC

    Geometric response and topological defects in topological insulators and superconductors

  • 06/11: Anton Akhmerov,  Harvard
    Macroscopic manipulation of Majorana fermions with superconducting circuits