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Station Q Seminars Fall 2013

Our seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 2:30pm in our seminar room (Elings Hall 2250), unless otherwise noted below.

Fall 2013 schedule

  • 08/13 and 08/14 (9-11m and 1-3pm): Cirprian Manolescu, UCLA
    The triangulation conjecture
  • 10/01: Mike Zaletel, UC Berkeley
    Exact matrix product states for the quantum Hall effect - from conformal block wave functions to tensor networks
  • 10/03: Matthew Gilbert, UIUC
    Interplay between Topology and Superconductivity in 2D Time-Reversal Invariant Insulators
  • 10/04 (11:00 am): Ravin Bhatt, Princeton
    Anderson model of localization: Has the fat lady sung yet?
  • 10/08: Titus Neupert, Princeton
    Fractional Chern insulators in doped irradiated grapheme
  • 10/22: Curt von Keyserlingk, Oxford
    Exactly solvable models of topological matter in 3D
  • 10/30 (2:00 pm): Mike Freedman, Station Q
    Ginzburg-Landau superconductivity with exotic covariant derivatives
  • 10/31: Shivaji Sondhi, Princeton
    Non-equilibrium topological matter
  • 11/05: Pavel Ioselevich, Landau Institute
    Tunneling into a Majorana fermion
  • 11/12: Jeffrey Teo, UIUC
    Twist Defects in Topological Systems with Anyonic Symmetries
  • 11/13 (11am): Gideon Wachtel, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
    Critical temperature enhancement in a composite superconductor
  • 11/19: Yang-Le Wu, Princeton
    Quantum Hall Wave Functions: Lattice Models and Non-Abelian Quasiholes