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Redmond Lab Open House

Programming Language Design & Implementation 2013
June 16–22, 2013 | Seattle, WA, United States

Microsoft Research Redmond labMicrosoft Research Redmond lab 

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the labs of Microsoft Research? To celebrate the PLDI 2013 and SAS 2013 (Static Analysis Symposium) events being held here in Seattle, Microsoft researchers and their collaborators and interns from around the world will demonstrate their latest innovative projects in the beautiful Microsoft Research building on the main Microsoft Campus. The open house will take place on Tuesday, June 18, 2013, from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M.


We invite all participants from PLDI and associated workshops, tutorials, and conferences to join us for this free event. Come and enjoy delicious Pacific Northwestern food, wine, and beer. 


Date:  Tuesday, June 18, 2013 
Time:  5:30–8:30 P.M.  
Location:  Microsoft Research Laboratory, Building 99 


The following projects will be demoed during the open house.

Demo Title


The Smart Programming Assistant

Francesco Logozzo, Manuel Fahndrich, Mike Barnett (Microsoft Research)

SAGE: Whitebox Fuzz Testing in Production

Ella Bounimova, Patrice Godefroid, David Molnar (Microsoft Research)

Symdiff: a Framework for Differential Program Analysis

Shuvendu Lahiri, Chris Hawblitzel (Microsoft Research)

TouchDevelop: Cross-Platform App Creation on Mobile Devices

Tom Ball, Michal Moskal (Microsoft Research)

Dafny: Programming and Proofs

Rustan Leino (Microsoft Research), Valentin Wüstholz (Microsoft Research intern)

Koka: a Function Oriented Language with Effect Inference

Daan Leijen (Microsoft Research)

Fully Abstract Compilation to JavaScript

Nikhil Swamy (Microsoft Research)

Try F#: Interactive, Data-Rich Programming in Your Browser

Christophe Poulain (Microsoft Research)

Formal Methods for Computer-Aided STEM Education

Sumit Gulwani, Ben Zorn (Microsoft Research)

Secure Computation on the Cloud

Sriram Rajamani (Microsoft Research)

Automated Grading of DFA Constructions

Dileep Kini (UIUC, Microsoft Research intern)

Automated Grading for Programming Assignments

Rishabh Singh, Armando Solar-Lezama (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Problem Generation for Algebra

Rohit Singh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Problem Generation and Solution Generation for Procedural Math Problems

Erik Andersen (University of Washington), Daniel Perelman (University of Washington and Microsoft Research intern)

Bex: a Declarative Language for Verifying String Coders

Loris D’Antoni (Microsoft Research intern)

Problem Generation and Solution Generation for Natural Deduction

Amey Karkare (IITK, visiting Microsoft Research)