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Open Data for Open Science 2012, Australia

Workshop for Environmental Research

September 25, 2012 | Melbourne, Australia
September 27, 2012 | Sydney, Australia

Microsoft Research is delighted to bring to you this hands-on workshop, where participants will learn about the latest technologies from Microsoft that can help them productively share, access, consume, and present the environmental data that they use in their research. We will introduce the Environmental Informatics Framework (EIF), a Microsoft Research strategy to help the environmental research community work with their data more efficiently. We will also provide successful examples of EIF.

Talks and hands-on sessions will be delivered by experienced Microsoft and Microsoft Research staff members who will travel to Australia especially for this event.

Workshop Topics

Presentations and tutorials will focus on the latest Microsoft technologies, including:

Share Your Research Scenarios and Demos

Participants are strongly encouraged to contact us before the event to share their research scenarios with data and co-build demos for the event. They will also have opportunities to interact with Microsoft technologies and fellow workshop participants to develop solutions, and discuss their solution designs at the workshop.

Technology Environment

In order to provide you with the best learning experience, the lab for each of these workshops will have individual PCs that run the Windows 7 operating system with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 installed.

If you wish to bring your own PC or Mac, you will need to have these programs installed prior to the workshop.


To ensure maximum opportunity for a hands-on experience, seating is limited to 20 participants only. Registration is accepted via the online form only.

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University of Melbourne
Tuesday September 25, 2012
Alan Gilbert Building, Building 104, at the corner of Barry and Grattan Streets, Lab 111 level 1

University of Sydney
Thursday September 27, 2012
Peter Nichol Russell building, Building J02, Drawing Office 1

Contact Us

For more information, send email to John Warren.