Workshop on Networks, Auctions, and Pricing
Workshop on Networks, Auctions, and Pricing

The Workshop on Networks, Auctions and Pricing is a cross-disciplinary event on Networks, Auction, and Pricing at the intersection of Computer Science and Economics.


Wednesday 10 June 2009

Morning: Auctions, Pricing and Incentives 
09.00 -09.30:  Registration (please report to Reception) 
09.30 -10.30:   David Parkes, Harvard University "Dynamic Mechanism Design" 
10.30 –11.00:  Tea, Coffee & Refreshments 
11.00 -12.00:  Richard Weber, University of Cambridge "Economic Issues in Shared Infrastructures" 
12.00 -13.00:  Peter Key, Microsoft Research Cambridge “Routing games and Internet Pricing” 
13.00 -14.15:  Lunch & Refreshments 


Afternoon: Networks 

14.15 -15.15:  Nicholas A. Christakis, Harvard University "Genetic Basis for Social Network Structure and Social Aspects of Social Network Function" 
15.15 -15.45:  Tea, Coffee & Refreshments 
15.45 -16.45:  Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University "Communication Patterns and Social Network Structure" 
16.45 -17.30:  Sanjeev Goyal, University of Cambridge "Robust Networks" 

Organizers: Sanjeev Goyal (Economics), Peter Key (Microsoft Research) and Cambridge Networks Forum

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