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.NET Bio Training Workshop

December 5–6, 2011 | Redmond, WA, United States

.NET Bio Training Workshop  Through presentations and hands-on sessions, attendees will learn how to use the .NET Bio bioinformatics toolkit to build their own simple bioinformatics applications that run on the Windows operating system. The workshop covers basic use of the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment and the C# programming language and provides an overview of the features of the .NET Bio library.  

About .NET Bio

.NET Bio is a bioinformatics toolkit, built as an extension to the Microsoft .NET Framework, and initially developed for genomics research. It is comprised of a library of basic bioinformatics functions that makes it simple for a programmer to build genomics and other life-science applications for the Windows operating system. .NET Bio is available under the Apache 2.0 open-source software license, and so may be used free of charge by both commercial and non-commercial users. Learn more…