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Microsoft Research at PDC10

Since 1991, the PDC (the Professional Developers Conference) has been Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects. Once again, Microsoft Research is pleased to play a role during PDC and have the opportunity to showcase some of our latest projects and where we are headed.


The Microsoft Research projects demoed during PDC10 highlight some of our most innovative and cutting-edge technologies.


Microsoft Research presents two sessions aimed at digging deeper into technical issues.

  • Better Code Through Smart Assertions and Unit Tests
    Mike Barnett, Peli de Halleux

    Learn how to write better code and unit tests by using Code Contracts, Pex, and Moles. Code Contracts provide a set of tools for design-by-contract programming. Pex is an advanced unit-testing tool that uses automated program exploration to create unit tests with high code coverage. Moles is a lightweight mocking framework that enables detouring with delegates. See how they work together so that your code has fewer defects. Watch the session...
  • The Future of F#: Data and Services at Your Fingertips
    Don Syme

    Programming today exhibits a voracious appetite for information, and one of the most important trends in languages is to make access to data and services fluent and seamless. See the latest from the F# team, and learn how we are extending F# to embed the analytical programmer instantly in a world of typed data and services, whether they be web, enterprise, client or local. Watch the session...