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Mobile Computing in Education 2009

Microsoft Research Asia Theme Workshop
Beijing, March 16 to 17, 2009

The Microsoft Research Asia Mobile Computing in Education workshop was held on March 16 and 17, 2009, in Beijing, China. Educators gathered for this event to discuss how to transform education through technology. Sixty-seven professors who are experts in the areas of computer science and educational technology participated in the event. They represented 61 universities in China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Singapore.


The following speakers from Microsoft gave presentations on Microsoft’s strategy of educational programs, enabling technologies, and platform.

  • Lolan Song, Senior Director of University Relations, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Daron Green, Senior Director of External Research, Microsoft Research Redmond
  • Eric Chang, Director of Technology Strategy, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Dongmei Zhang, Research Manager of User Interface Group, Microsoft Research Asia
  • Yong Rui, Director of Education Products, Microsoft China Research & Development Group
  • Qi Zhang, Principal Development Lead, Microsoft Corporation
  • Gao Zhang, Regional Manager of University Relations, Microsoft Research Asia

During the two-day workshop, the following professors who participated in the theme program presented their research results to workshop attendees:

  • Beryl Plimmer, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Vincent Tam, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Xiaoliang Zhu, Huazhong Normal University , China
  • Myung-Soo Kim, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Lianwen Jin, South China University of Technology, China
  • Seiichi Uchida, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Xiangshi Ren, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
  • Shih-Chung Kang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Jin Hyung Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Panel Discussion

During the panel discussion moderated by Eric Chang, five representative professors and Dongmei Zhang discussed the challenges that researchers currently face in educational technologies, and technologies that can significantly transform education.

Additional Workshop Information

Poster and Demo Session
There were 20 projects demonstrated in the poster and demo session. Microsoft Research Asia researchers talked with the professors on leveraging more technologies in their research.

Project Summaries Booklet
A booklet collecting 39 project summaries was delivered in the workshop and received positive feedbacks from the audience.

Workshop SnapshotsSnapshots from the workshop