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mHealth Summit 2009

From October 29 to 30, 2009, the mHealth Summit explored the use of mobile technologies to improve public health, with a specific focus on the health of underserved populations; health research, training, and education; and healthcare delivery systems throughout the world.  


Featured Guests and Presenters

At this year's summit, four recipients of Microsoft External Research’s Cell Phone as a Platform for Healthcare initiative presented case studies to develop mobile technologies, and Microsoft External Research collaborative projects were represented in the conference poster session.



Kristin Tolle

Kristin Tolle
Director, Microsoft




Invited Panelists 


Kristin LauterKristin Lauter
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Cryptography Group


Amit Mital

Amit Mital
Corporate Vice President, Unlimited Potential Group and Startup Business Accelerator


About the Summit

Mobile technologies have the potential to transform global healthcare on many fronts, from research and diagnostics to training and preventative interventions. In an effort to support and foster healthcare research, Microsoft Research was proud to convene the mHealth Summit in partnership with the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.

From October 29 to 30, 2009, the mHealth Summit united researchers, policy-makers, and visionaries from such diverse fields as medical research, software design, clinical healthcare, hardware manufacture, and network transmission. The summit provided these experts with an opportunity to exchange ideas, research, and findings to encourage the development and deployment of innovative, practical, affordable, and effective solutions to health challenges in underserved and resource-poor populations.

In addition to reviewing current tools and research from a wide spectrum of stakeholders, the summit fostered inter-disciplinary collaboration to help identify new opportunities for existing mobile-industry companies to work with emerging public health facilitators.

The goals of the 2009 summit included the following:

  • Assess current policies regarding mobile health technologies and their use to reduce or eliminate domestic and global health disparities.
  • Build a bridge between biomedical researchers and mobile-technology experts to identify mHealth solutions.
  • Foster integration of mobile and medical technology to improve healthcare delivery to underserved populations.
  • Discuss and craft a vision for future mHealth technologies.

View the agenda

What is mHealth? Kristine Tolle discusses the future of mobile healthcare 
Event Details
  • When: October 29–30, 2009
  • Where: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
    Washington, D.C., United States