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About the Microsoft Research Latin American Faculty Summit 2009

Microsoft Research Latin American Faculty Summit 2009The summit theme, "Creative Innovation through Research and Development," drew attention to the collaboration among computer scientists across disciplines, a worldwide trend that is broadening the impact of Computer Science to academia and society. It also highlighted the successful collaboration between Microsoft Research and Latin American universities.

Panels, presentations, and discussions at the conference addressed subjects such as current research in information and communications technologies for development, computing research in Latin America, computing technology in education, bioinformatics, and eScience.

The event presented a unique opportunity for leading faculty members and Microsoft researchers, architects, and executives to collectively discuss a vision of the state of the art in computer science and team up to help develop further collaboration. Together, we will continue to pursue new research frontiers that will transform computing and create a better future.

Goals and objectives of the summit included:

  • Collaboration: Foster and strengthening partnerships and collaborative relationships between Microsoft researchers and top academic researchers from the Academic Community in Argentina and in the rest of Latin America.
  • Research
    • Stimulate discussion of key computing problems through presentations of important research projects ongoing at Microsoft Research.
    • Expose key Microsoft researchers and program managers to current academic research ideas in areas of interest for the Argentinean and Latin American academic and government ecosystem.
    • Encourage a direct dialogue on topics of importance with leading academic researchers from a broad range of technical fields in order to foster future research and innovation.
  • Curriculum Innovation: Implement a curriculum track to explore best practices and examples in higher education curriculum.