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Microsoft Research Asia Innovation Day 2008
Innovation Day 2008

Microsoft Research Asia Innovation Day 2008 offers you a sneak peek at the world's most cutting-edge technologies. These are research and discoveries made not only from the top minds of Microsoft Research Asia, but also from the creative researchers our academic joint programs, as well as from Microsoft Research's other research labs from around the world.

Welcome to Innovation Day!

Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Managing DirectorOn behalf of Microsoft Research Asia, I am honored to welcome all of you to Innovation Day 2008! This is a very special year for Microsoft Research Asia! It marks the celebration of our very own 10th Year Anniversary – so we cordially invite you to join us in a series of celebrations this November to commemorate the past decade of exciting innovation and strong collaboration we've all enjoyed together!

Over the past decade, Microsoft Research Asia has grown rapidly into Microsoft's largest overseas research lab, home to the topnotch researchers across the Asia-Pacific, and the best partner of this area. Our efforts to empower the region are accomplished through our internal research efforts, external research programs, and IP-licensing efforts. Many of our critical innovations have been transferred into Microsoft's best known products. In less than 10 years, Microsoft Research Asia has published over 3000 papers for leading international conferences and journals, and filed close to 1,000 patents with more still in preparation.