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ACM SIGIR Workshop on Health Search and Discovery: Helping Users and Advancing Medicine

Accepted Papers

Towards Discovery-Oriented Patient Similarity Search
Haggai Roitman, Sivan Yogev, Yevgenia Tsimerman and Yardena Peres

HealthTrust: A PhD Dissertation on the Retrieval of Trustworthy Health Social Media
Luis Fernandez Luque

Assisted Query Formulation for Multimodal Medical Case-based Retrieval
André Mourão, Flavio Martins and Joao Magalhaes

Why Is It Difficult to Detect Outbreaks in Twitter?
Avaré Stewart, Nattiya Kanhabua and Sara Romano

Learning Attribution Labels for Disorder Mentions in Online Health Forums
Patricia Driscoll, Sharon Lipsky Gorman and Noemie Elhadad

Extracting Adverse Drug Reactions from Forum Posts and Linking them to Drugs
Andrew Yates, Nazli Goharian and Ophir Frieder

Clinical Information Retrieval with Split-layer Language Models
Stephen Wu, Dongqing Zhu, William Hersh and Hongfang Liu

Test Collections for Medical Information Retrieval Evaluation
Lorraine Goeuriot, Liadh Kelly and Gareth Jones

Query Expansion using open Web-based SKOS Vocabularies
Flavio Martins, Bernhard Haslhofer and Joao Magalhaes

Towards a Gold Standard for the Evaluation of Health Recommender Systems
Martin Wiesner, Monika Pobiruchin and Daniel Pfeifer

Systems for Improving Electronic Health Record Note Comprehension
Balaji Polepalli Ramesh and Hong Yu

Towards Intelligent and Socially Oriented Query Recommendation for Electronic Health Records Retrieval
Danny Wu, Lei Yang, Qiaozhu Mei, David Hanauer and Kai Zheng

Khresmoi Professional: Multilingual Semantic Search for Medical Professionals
Liadh Kelly, Gareth Jones, Allan Hanbury, Lorraine Goeuriot and Henning Müller

A Tool for Monitoring and Analyzing HealthCare Tweets
Ahmed Ali, Walid Magdy and Stephan Vogel

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